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The company's mission «Market Access Solutions»

Our mission - is to facilitate the transition of the Russian pharmaceutical market to develop into mature, be a guide on the course of development of the potential of all the pharmaceutical market participants, thereby improving the quality of life for the end user and society in general. Despite the relatively high susceptibility to Russia's external economic and financial risks, imbalances in the domestic policy and great social disparities, the pharmaceutical market in Russia has had a stable positive growth for the last few years.



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1117/5000 «Klinicheskiye issledovaniya v Rossii i YEAES» 5-ya yezhegodnaya mezhdunarodnaya prakticheskaya konferentsiya klinicheskiye issledovaniya, Vremya provedeniya: 20.03.2019 - 22.03.2019 Mesto provedeniya: Rossiya, Moskva. Otrasl': Meditsina, Farmatsevtika. Organizator: Bravo Business Forums Konferentsiya pozvolit: - Uznat' ob izmeneniyakh v regulirovanii provedeniya klinicheskikh issledovaniy v Rossii i YEAES. - Proanalizirovat' risk-oriyentirovannyy podkhod pri osushchestvlenii gos kontrolya. - Obsudit' pravila provedeniya klinicheskikh issledovaniy v Yevrosoyuze. - Preodolet' trudnosti, svyazannyye s inspektsiyami i auditami GCP. - Uluchshit' mekhanizmy privlecheniya investitsiy v sferu klinicheskikh issledovaniy. Auditoriya konferentsii: Direktora, rukovoditeli i menedzhery: Po klinicheskim issledovaniyam Meditsinskogo departamenta Regulyatornogo departamenta Kontrolya kachestva klinicheskikh issledovaniy Kontraktov i byudzhetirovaniya klinicheskikh issledovaniy iz rossiyskikh i mezhdunarodnykh kompaniy, provodyashchikh KI v Rossii i na territorii YEAES. Kontakty: Bravo Business Forums Tel: +3 572 200 86 84 Tel: +7 499 112 32 67 info@bravoforums.com Krikun Anastasiya "Clinical studies in Russia and the EAEU" 5th Annual International Practical Conference

- Learn about changes in the regulation of clinical trials in Russia and the EEU.
- To analyze the risk-oriented approach in the implementation of state control.
- Discuss the rules for conducting clinical research in the European Union.
- Overcome the difficulties associated with GCP inspections and audits.
- Improve the mechanisms for attracting investment in the field of clinical research.

Parallel import of drugs and medical devices may begin in 2021

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has prepared amendments to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation on the legalization of parallel imports. FAS proposes to launch the mechanism from 2021, allowing for a period of up to five years to import, without the consent of the right holders, certain groups of goods that meet one of four main criteria: if such products are not available in Russia, if they are not available in the domestic market, if the prices for goods are overpriced, finally, if they differ qualitatively from their counterparts sold in other countries.