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The company's mission «Market Access Solutions»

Our mission - is to facilitate the transition of the Russian pharmaceutical market to develop into mature, be a guide on the course of development of the potential of all the pharmaceutical market participants, thereby improving the quality of life for the end user and society in general. Despite the relatively high susceptibility to Russia's external economic and financial risks, imbalances in the domestic policy and great social disparities, the pharmaceutical market in Russia has had a stable positive growth for the last few years.



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RNC Pharma: in November 2018, shipments of finished drug products to Russia were reduced in both monetary and physical terms.

For the first 11 months of 2018, ready-made drugs were imported to our country in the amount of 475.3 billion rubles. (in release prices for free circulation with VAT), the ruble dynamics over the same period last year was only + 0.5%. In-bulk production accounts for 97.3 billion rubles, an increase here recorded at + 13.6%. The total volume of drugs imported into our country since the beginning of the year increased in ruble terms by 2.5%.